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I did something new! I NEVER paper craft. Ever.

These 3D designs have been super popular in the crafting groups I'm in. I didn't want to start out with anything too complicated so I altered the SVG for a design I already had.

3D Cow Paper Craft SVG

I was too excited to try this before I had the chance to go to the store to get paper for this so I used what I had at home. All of the colors on mine are glitter except for one. The glitter was super thick and I ended up having to "punch out" several of the small pieces which took some extra time. The peach color is not glitter and it was SO much easier! I just flipped my mat and pulled it off gently and that piece came off perfect!! I plan to test this again without glitter paper.

Also.. am I just a messy worker or is paper crafting always messy as hell? I still have little paper pieces all over the place.

Overall, this was super easy and a nice break from my normal routine of SVG designing. I don't get to craft as much as I'd like and this was just what I needed.

See the 3D design here

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How To: Honestly, I didn't take step by step photos or a video of me making this because it's pretty easy. There are 6 layers to this design. Pick out your 6 colors of paper or cardstock. Make sure to pay attention to what layer your machine is cutting so you get the color you are wanting for that layer. After all 6 pieces are cut, layer them from bottom to top. If you want to put this in a frame and don't want added dimension, you could just glue the pieces together. If you want more volume, use foam adhesive to stick the layers together to create more room between each layer. 

Tip: Don't treat all paper equally. DO A TEST CUT to find the best setting. Don't be a dummy like me and just go for it. Lesson learned. (also currently making a mental note that maybe I need to put a decal on my Cricut that reminds me to do a test cut? anyone else have to do this?)

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Want to get this 3D SVG design for free? Join our Facebook Group and look for our post about this design to get the discount code. This is an EXCLUSIVE freebie just for group members. 

If you end up making this, let me know how it went for you, if you enjoyed it, etc. I would love to hear any feedback on this and if I should make more 3D paper designs for you guys to try. I would love to see photos of your finished projects, too!


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