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Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite fonts that I use when I design craft files for Cricut and Silhouette. Like most SVG designers, I have a love for fonts and find myself purchasing a ridiculous amount on a regular basis. I understand the frustration of finding the right font for designs and hope that by sharing some of my favorites with you, these may soon become some of your go-to fonts as well! 

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission that will probably be used to buy coffee, which I promise to drink while creating more fun designs and informational posts like this!

Walkabout by Justina Tracy $12
What I love most about this font is that it is a font duo, meaning it comes with two fonts. The best thing about duos is you don't need to look through all your fonts to find one that goes well with it. It is already paired and spectacular. Font duos make designing quick and easy! 

Sugar & Spice by Brittney Murphy Design $8
This font I had in my favorites for way too long. I spotted it. I loved it. I forgot to purchase it. Don't be like me. Grab this one ASAP! You will LOVE IT! I have found that this script font pairs well with a lot of bold & all uppercase fonts. 

Breaking Bread by Missy Meyer $12
Why don't I see more people talking about Breaking Bread in craft groups? This is honestly my favorite font of Missy's and I don't think it gets enough recognition! If you purchase a lot of fonts, you will know Missy has some of the BEST craft fonts. (I know you've heard of Pinsetter!) I'm always on the lookout for cute and thick script fonts and this is by far my favorite thick script. 

Pink Sugar by KA Designs $10
I own a stupid amount of KA Designs fonts. She is super fast at getting new fonts out and has new ones every week. (That means I'm buying new fonts pretty much every week) I keep finding myself going back to this one over and over again lately and that is why I highly recommend purchasing this one. (Hint: try pairing some of the script fonts I have already discussed with this one!)

Seriously Though by Sabrina Schleiger Designs $16
What I love most about this font is that it is CLEAN! By clean I mean that Sabrina took the time to make this font as smooth as possible. This reduces the amount of nodes in each glyph. Your cutting machine has to "hit" each node so when there are only necessary nodes, your design is going to have an easier and faster cut! Not all designers do this so appreciation for clean fonts is a MUST!

Good Morning Gorgeous by Cinnamon and Lime $8
This is a super fun handwritten font! I love mixing the upper and lowercase letters on this one. By doing this, your design becomes a little more unique as every person who does this would probably mix and match differently! 

Glam Pastry by On The Spot Studio $12
I love how even though this is a script font, you can still somehow use all caps and it still looks great! That means that you can even use this font as if it's a duo. However, I prefer to pair this one with a thicker, bolder font... like Pink Sugar! 

Forever Grateful by Denise Chandler $9
This has been a favorite of mine to use for sign designs... especially for autumn. Just browse the images on this one and you will see what I mean. They will have you wishing for fall and a pumpkin spice latte. Another reason to love this font: DOODLES! It comes with fall doodles to include in your work like pumpkins, acorns, and leaves. 

Sorinka by Black Cats Media $13
This is a new favorite. Each glyph (lower and uppercase) has between 8-13 alternates. So. Many. Choices.
 This is one of the most fun fonts to play around with! Make sure you have hours of free time before purchasing this, you won't want to stop exploring this font. You also get 32 clipart files and 42 catchwords. This font seriously includes EVERYTHING you need for designing and is such an amazing deal.

Coffee & Donuts by Kitaleigh $15
Yesss, another font duo. (and these two fonts look great together!) But I have to admit, it's the name that first grabbed my attention. If you've been crafting for a while, especially before last Holiday season, I'm sure you are familiar with the handlettered ornament rounds designs she made. This font duo along with her Hello Naptime font are perfect for trying to duplicate the same look. Check them out!

All of these fonts are linked to the designer's listings on Font Bundles. All fonts purchased on Font Bundles includes a commercial license so you can sell the products you make with the use of these fonts! I purchase almost all of my fonts from there and highly recommend them. They have a great variety of designer resources such as tutorials and their new community forum. There are always free products you can download that include a commercial use license and they offer new freebies weekly. Plus they have a top-notch customer service team that is amazing and quick at helping you with whatever questions you may have. 

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