How To Design Your Own Christmas Ornaments or Wood Rounds In Cricut Design Space

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I started working on Christmas designs in September this year. That seems early but honestly, I was even a little late to the game.

I have LOVED designing Christmas ornaments this year. They are seriously so much fun to do! I thought I would share with you how I do this so you can create some unique and fun designs to decorate your tree this year, to give as gifts or sell as your holiday craft shows. 

Design your own Christmas ornaments and wood rounds Pinterest Photo

Let's get started! 

After you have a new workspace in DS open, select a "circle" from "shapes." Resize it large enough for you to use. The circle will be our template. You can work with it filled in solid (how it is by default) or what I like to do is go up to "linetype" and choose "draw" so that I'm working with just an outline.

Change circle "linetype" to "draw"

For our example, we are doing a "Merry Christmas" ornament or wood round. I like to type out all the letters in both lowercase and uppercase because I will be mix-matching these and I want to be able to see all my options at once. After you have done that, ungroup the letters so we can use these individually. 

Type out all letters in both lower and uppercase letters

This might take some time, but now we just have to piece our letters together how we like. I think it's easiest to put your first word together and resize it as a whole to your circle and then you can move the letters around to fill in the space more (or switch out for a upper or lowercase letter if you want to mix & match them). Continue doing this until your design is finished.

Piece your design together

When you are satisfied with what you have, select all your letters and weld them together. Delete out your circle template and any extra letters. 

 Finished welded design

Now all you have to do is hit make it and cut your vinyl! SO so easy, right? 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial & I hope it helps you create some fun Christmas projects! 

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Our group is also a great place to ask for Cricut help, get freebies and see project inspo so come join us! 

- TK


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